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Macro: Growth of the U.S. Economy

FED 1st Quarter 2023 Real GDP Growth Estimate: +2.5%

* FED GDPNow model annualized growth for Q1 2023 estimate on 03/31/23


BEA 4th Quarter 2022 Real GDP Growth Est. (2nd): +2.6%

BEA 3rd Quarter 2022 Real GDP Growth Est. (final):+3.2%

* BEA third estimate of Q4 2022 real GDP annualized growth reported 03/30/23, following a +3.2% increase in the 3rd quarter 2022.

Rate of Inflation year over year for February+6.04%

* BLS annualized rate of inflation for February reported 03/14/23, down from 6.45% for January, and still one of the highest rates of inflation since 1981.


Employee Wages increase or decrease for February: -0.3%

*BLS real average weekly earnings annualized for February 2023 reported 03/14/23.  

Producer Price Index final demand in February:  +4.6%

*BLS producer price index for final demand annualized for February reported 03/15/23.


Milton Friedman:

"Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon, in the sense that it is and can be produced only by a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output."


Macro: Employment in the U.S. Economy

*Unemployment Claims 4-week moving average: 198,250

For week ending 0/3/25/23, up from the previous week. 

*DOL weekly claims for unemployment data reported 03/30/23.


**Unemployment Rate in February: up to 3.6%

* *Non-farm Employment in February: down to 311,000

**Unemployed Number in February: up to 5.9M

* *BLS employment data for February 2023 reported 03/10/23.

***Job Openings at end of January: down to 10.8M

* **BLS job openings on last day of January down from December as reported 03/08/23.

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