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Macro: The U.S. Economy

FED 4th Quarter 2020 GDP Growth Forecast: +11.1%

BEA 3rd Quarter 2020 GDP Growth Estimate: +33.1%

FED GDPNow model forecast of real GDP growth annualized as of 12/01/20.

** BEA first estimate of 3rd quarter real GDP growth annualized as of 11/25/20.

Full Recovery Requires Reopening

Why it is so important to fully reopen the economy but only after essential protections are put in place.

Reminder: IRA RMDs Waived for 2020

IRS reminder: The Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, waives required minimum distributions during 2020 for IRAs and other retirement plans, including beneficiaries with inherited accounts.

Biden Would Smother the Economy by Raising Taxes

Promising to make corporations and the well-off pay more may be smart politics but it’s shortsighted policy. 

Recent Economic Data is Mainly Positive:

11/25/2020 Real GDP Unrevised at a 33.1% Annual Growth Rate in Q3

11/25/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Declined 0.3% in October

11/25/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 1.3% in October

11/19/2020 Existing Home Sales Increased 4.3% in October

11/18/2020 Housing starts increased 4.9% in October

11/17/2020 Retail Sales Rose 0.3% in October

11/17/2020 Industrial Production Increased 1.1% in October

11/13/2020 The Producer Price Index Rose 0.3% in October

11/12/2020 The Consumer Price Index was Unchanged in October

11/6/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 638,000 in October

11/5/2020 Nonfarm Productivity Increased at a 4.9% Annual Rate in the Third Quarter

11/4/2020 Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Came in at $63.9 Billion in September

11/4/2020 ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Declined to 56.6 in October

11/2/2020 ISM Manufacturing Index Rose to 59.3 in October

10/30/2020 Personal Income Rose 0.9% in September

10/29/2020 First Estimate for Q3 Real GDP Growth is 33.1% at an Annual Rate

10/27/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 1.9% in September

10/26/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Declined 3.5% in September

10/22/2020 Existing Home Sales Increased 9.4% in September

10/20/2020 Housing Starts Increased 1.9% in September

10/16/2020 Retail Sales Rose 1.9% in September

10/16/2020 Industrial Production Declined 0.6% in September

10/14/2020 The Producer Price Index Rose 0.4% in September

10/13/2020 The Consumer Price Index Rose 0.2% in September

10/6/2020 Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Came in at $67.1 Billion in August

10/5/2020 ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Rose to 57.8 in September

10/2/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 661,000 in September

10/1/2020 Personal income declined 2.7% in August

10/1/2020 The ISM Manufacturing Index Declined to 55.4 in September

9/30/2020 Q2 Real GDP Revised to -31.4% Annual Growth Rate

9/25/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 0.4% in August

9/24/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Increased 4.8% in August

9/22/2020 Existing Home Sales Increased 2.4% in August

9/17/2020 Housing Starts Declined 5.1% in August

9/16/2020 Retail Sales Rose 0.6% in August

9/15/2020 Industrial Production Increased 0.4% in August

9/11/2020The Consumer Price Index (CPI) Rose 0.4% in August

9/10/2020The Producer Price Index Rose 0.3% in August

9/4/2020 Global semiconductor sales in July up 2.1% month over month and 4.9% year over year  

9/4/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 1.371 Million in August

9/3/2020 Trade Deficit in Goods & Services at $63.6 Billion in July

9/3/2020 ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Declined to 56.9 in August

9/1/2020 The ISM Manufacturing Index Rose to 56.0 in August

8/28/2020 Personal Income Rose 0.4% in July

8/28/2020Personal Income Rose 0.4% in July

8/27/2020Real GDP Revised to a -31.7% Annual Growth Rate in Q2

8/26/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 11.2% in July

8/25/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Increased 13.9% in July

8/21/2020 Existing Home Sales Increased 24.7% in July

8/18/2020 Housing starts increased 22.6% in July to a 1.496 million annual rate, easily beating the consensus expected 1.245 million. 

8/14/2020Retail Sales Rose 1.2% in July

8/14/2020Industrial Production Increased 3.0% in July

8/12/2020 The Consumer Price Index Rose 0.6% in July

8/11/2020 The Producer Price Index Rose 0.6% in July

8/7/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 1.763 Million in July

8/5/2020 The Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Came in at $50.7 Billion in June

8/5/2020 The ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Rose to 58.1 in July

8/3/2020 The ISM Manufacturing Index Rose to 54.2 in July

7/31/2020 Personal Income Declined 1.1% in June

7/30/2020 The First Estimate for Q2 Real GDP Growth is -32.9% at an Annual Rate

7/27/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 7.3% in June

7/24/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Increased 13.8% in June

7/22/2020 Existing Home Sales Increased 20.7% in June

7/17/2020 Housing Starts Increased 17.3% in June

7/16/2020 Retail Sales Rose 7.5% in June

7/15/2020 Industrial Production Increased 5.4% in June

7/14/2020 The Consumer Price Index Rose 0.6% in June

7/10/2020 The Producer Price Index Declined 0.2% in June

7/6/2020 The ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Rose to 57.1 in June

7/2/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 4.80 Million in June

7/2/2020 Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Came was $54.6 Billion in May

7/1/2020 The ISM Manufacturing Index Rose to 52.6 in June

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