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Macro: The U.S. Economy

FED 4th Quarter 2020 GDP Growth Forecast: +7.5%

BEA 3rd Quarter 2020 GDP Growth Estimate: +33.4%

FED GDPNow model forecast of real GDP growth annualized as of 1/21/21.

** BEA 3rd estimate of 3rd quarter real GDP growth annualized as of 12/22/20.

Open the Economy:

Yes to vaccines.

Yes to masks.

Yes to social distancing.

Yes to travel restrictions.


No to lockdowns.

No to closings.

No to surveillance.

Recent Economic Data is Mainly Positive:

1/22/2021 Existing Home Sales Increased 0.7% in December

1/21/2021 Housing Starts Increased 5.8% in December

1/15/2021 Industrial Production Increased 1.6% in December

1/15/2021 The Producer Price Index (PPI) Rose 0.3% in December

1/15/2021 Retail Sales Declined 0.7% in December

1/13/2021 The Consumer Price Index (CPI) Rose 0.4% in December

1/8/2021 Nonfarm Payrolls Fell 140,000 in December

1/7/2021 Trade Deficit in Goods & Services was $68.1 Billion in November

1/7/2021 The ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Rose to 57.2 in December

1/5/2021 ISM Manufacturing Index Rose to 60.7 in December


12/23/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 0.9% in November

12/23/2020 Personal Income Declined 1.1% in November

12/23/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Declined 11.0% in November

12/22/2020 Q3 Real GDP Growth Revised Upward to 33.4% Annual Rate

12/22/2020 Existing Home Sales Declined 2.5% in November

12/17/2020 Housing Starts Increased 1.2% in November

12/16/2020 Retail Sales Declined 1.1% in November

12/15/2020 Industrial Production Increased 0.4% in November

12/11/2020 The Producer Price Index (PPI) Rose 0.1% in November

12/10/2020 The Consumer Price Index Rose 0.2% in November

12/4/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 245,000 in November

12/4/2020 The Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Came in at $63.1 billion in October

12/3/2020 ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Declined to 55.9 in November

12/1/2020 The ISM Manufacturing Index Declined to 57.5 in November

11/25/2020 Real GDP Unrevised at a 33.1% Annual Growth Rate in Q3

11/25/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Declined 0.3% in October

11/25/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 1.3% in October

11/19/2020 Existing Home Sales Increased 4.3% in October

11/18/2020 Housing starts increased 4.9% in October

11/17/2020 Retail Sales Rose 0.3% in October

11/17/2020 Industrial Production Increased 1.1% in October

11/13/2020 The Producer Price Index Rose 0.3% in October

11/12/2020 The Consumer Price Index was Unchanged in October

11/6/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 638,000 in October

11/5/2020 Nonfarm Productivity Increased at a 4.9% Annual Rate in the Third Quarter

11/4/2020 Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Came in at $63.9 Billion in September

11/4/2020 ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Declined to 56.6 in October

11/2/2020 ISM Manufacturing Index Rose to 59.3 in October

10/30/2020 Personal Income Rose 0.9% in September

10/29/2020 First Estimate for Q3 Real GDP Growth is 33.1% at an Annual Rate

10/27/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 1.9% in September

10/26/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Declined 3.5% in September

10/22/2020 Existing Home Sales Increased 9.4% in September

10/20/2020 Housing Starts Increased 1.9% in September

10/16/2020 Retail Sales Rose 1.9% in September

10/16/2020 Industrial Production Declined 0.6% in September

10/14/2020 The Producer Price Index Rose 0.4% in September

10/13/2020 The Consumer Price Index Rose 0.2% in September

10/6/2020 Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Came in at $67.1 Billion in August

10/5/2020 ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Rose to 57.8 in September

10/2/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 661,000 in September

10/1/2020 Personal income declined 2.7% in August

10/1/2020 The ISM Manufacturing Index Declined to 55.4 in September

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