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The U.S. Economy:

GDP Growth Estimate for 3rd Quarter: +32.0%

This is the Federal Reserve GDPNow annualized 

estimate for Sep. 25 unchanged from Sep. 17.

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The Financial Markets:

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    It could be worse - If GOP loses Senate 

Recent Economic Data is Mainly Positive:

9/25/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 0.4% in August

9/24/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Increased 4.8% in August

9/22/2020 Existing Home Sales Increased 2.4% in August

9/17/2020 Housing Starts Declined 5.1% in August

9/16/2020 Retail Sales Rose 0.6% in August

9/15/2020 Industrial Production Increased 0.4% in August

9/11/2020The Consumer Price Index (CPI) Rose 0.4% in August

9/10/2020The Producer Price Index Rose 0.3% in August

9/4/2020 Global semiconductor sales in July up 2.1% month over month and 4.9% year over year  

9/4/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 1.371 Million in August

9/3/2020 Trade Deficit in Goods & Services at $63.6 Billion in July

9/3/2020 ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Declined to 56.9 in August

9/1/2020 The ISM Manufacturing Index Rose to 56.0 in August

8/28/2020 Personal Income Rose 0.4% in July

8/28/2020Personal Income Rose 0.4% in July

8/27/2020Real GDP Revised to a -31.7% Annual Growth Rate in Q2

8/26/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 11.2% in July

8/25/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Increased 13.9% in July

8/21/2020 Existing Home Sales Increased 24.7% in July

8/18/2020 Housing starts increased 22.6% in July to a 1.496 million annual rate, easily beating the consensus expected 1.245 million. 

8/14/2020Retail Sales Rose 1.2% in July

8/14/2020Industrial Production Increased 3.0% in July

8/12/2020 The Consumer Price Index Rose 0.6% in July

8/11/2020 The Producer Price Index Rose 0.6% in July

8/7/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 1.763 Million in July

8/5/2020 The Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Came in at $50.7 Billion in June

8/5/2020 The ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Rose to 58.1 in July

8/3/2020 The ISM Manufacturing Index Rose to 54.2 in July

7/31/2020 Personal Income Declined 1.1% in June

7/30/2020 The First Estimate for Q2 Real GDP Growth is -32.9% at an Annual Rate

7/27/2020 New Orders for Durable Goods Increased 7.3% in June

7/24/2020 New Single-Family Home Sales Increased 13.8% in June

7/22/2020 Existing Home Sales Increased 20.7% in June

7/17/2020 Housing Starts Increased 17.3% in June

7/16/2020 Retail Sales Rose 7.5% in June

7/15/2020 Industrial Production Increased 5.4% in June

7/14/2020 The Consumer Price Index Rose 0.6% in June

7/10/2020 The Producer Price Index Declined 0.2% in June

7/6/2020 The ISM Non-Manufacturing Index Rose to 57.1 in June

7/2/2020 Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 4.80 Million in June

7/2/2020 Trade Deficit in Goods and Services Came was $54.6 Billion in May

7/1/2020 The ISM Manufacturing Index Rose to 52.6 in June

Re-Opening Schools :

Risk Reduction Strategies re COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 in the U.S: 

Testing and Positive Cases are UP

Resulting Deaths are Way Down



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