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Macro: Growth of the U.S. Economy

FED GDPNow Q2'24 Real GDP Growth Estimate: +3.0%

* FED GDPNow model estimate of annualized real GDP growth for 2nd quarter 2024 made on 06/20/24 down from 06/18/24.


*BEA 1st Quarter 2024 Real GDP Growth Est.:  +1.3%

BEA 4th Quarter 2023 Real GDP Growth 3rd Est. : +3.4%

* BEA second estimate of Q412024 real GDP annualized growth reported  05/30/24, following a +3.4%% increase in Q4 2023.

Inflation (CPI) in May month & year: +0.3% / +3.3%

* BLS Consumer Price Index (CPI) in May  2024, for the month & year reported 06/12/24.


Producer Price Index in May month/year: -0.2% / +2.2%

*BLS Producer Price Index (PPI) for final demand for May month & year reported 06/13/24.


Employee Wages increase/decrease for May:  +0.5%

*BLS real average weekly earnings annualized from April to May 2024 reported 06/12/24.  

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